Grace Filled Cup brings the warmth and aroma of premium brewed coffee directly to your next event with our exclusive catering service. Ideal for work meetings, social gatherings, or any occasion that calls for a delightful coffee experience, we offer convenient delivery and setup of our signature coffee canisters. Choose from two enticing flavors: Original Vanilla Spiced or Cinnamon Sweet.

Our options include: 

  • A single 3-liter canister for smaller groups 
  • Dual 3-liter canisters for larger assemblies
  • One 3-gallon canister for a Brew Luxe overload
  • Or a combination of selections

For a truly indulgent treat, opt for our full service which includes your selected coffee flavor plus a day's supply of ice cream, perfect for adding a sweet touch to your coffee service. Elevate your next event with Grace Filled Cup, where every sip is a reminder of elegance and distinction.